I was born in June 2, 1982, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m also an austrian citizen on my mother’s side.
The transcendence of the symbolic in the intimacy of life has caught my attention from childhood. My artwork has been almost entirely digital for the last few years. The use of digital tools and technologies that are open to everybody are an immense opportunity to communicate and share the essence of time, human psychism and the mystique. The plasticity of digital resources and tools allows me to design and portray my work in various formats, to use an infinite pallet, but keeping compensation and harmony always present. Colour, which allows us to differentiate one thing from the another, with its explosivenes, is a channel through which sensations become impregnated into the subjectivity of the spectator and, once there, subjective interpretation unveils the willingness of the occult, like the flows of a tranquil river.
I’m a clinic psychologist specialized in helping patients with autism, depression, borderline personality disorder and other affections, and writer of the novel “Essential Intuitions”, about to be published. For my artwork, I use a broad mix of programs and tools, from Paint and Photoshop to free online software, but always using a manual stroke with a mouse, which reflects in a handcrafted style in all my work. Having presented my artwork in many art galleries ,expositions in Milano, Florence, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Salamanca, Tenerife and international magazines since 2010.
I consider my artwork to be a resistance, a rebellion, a persistence to generate different affluents for consciousness that flourish in the Observer.  When the hermetism is unveiled, only those who feel their own profound interior singing are able to hear. ​​​​​​​
Nací el 2 de junio de 1982 en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Soy también ciudadano austríaco, a causa de mi descendencia materna.  A su vez soy psicólogo,
me especializo en pacientes que sufren depresión, trastorno límite de la personalidad y psicosis. He presentado trabajos en numerosos congresos, siendo
reconocido con premios en alguno de los mismos. Soy escritor y pintor. He colaborado con artículos e ilustraciones en diferentes revistas. Mi obra pictórica se ha
centrado principalmente, más allá de mis trabajos en óleo y lienzo, en formato digital: 
 ilustraciones y videoarte. La mayoría de mis trabajos están realizados en Técnica digital impresos luego
sobre diferentes modalidades de papel, tela u otras plataformas.Considero a mi obra como una Resistence, una
rebelión, una persistencia por generar diferentes afluentes de consciencia que afloren en la subjetividad del Observador, así como el mar decide mojar con sus olas a quien despierta en él. 
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